Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Map to The Food Island

The map to the food island...
You might be thinking, map and that too for a food island, sounds like a treasure island map.
Yes, its a map to a treasure called Food.
Good food is treasure these days. Ask 80% of Indians who are kept away from their homemade delicious food because of one reason or the other.
Out there these people search for the same taste in all those well known and expensive restaurants, only to return empty handed or better say empty hearted.
Cooking indeed is an art and it is found at its best at home.
I am a foody. I love good food.
Since childhood, I was quite fond of various types of dishes. I observed the way these dishes were cooked and learnt a few in the process :)
As the years went by, this liking turned into a hobby and later a passion.
I am not a cook by profession, but then you always don't get to do what you like.
I enjoy cooking and at times it acts as an stressbuster for me.
I never leave an opportunity to prepare some delicious delicacies for my family and friends.
Staying in hostels, shifing cities for jobs and above all, staying away from good homemade food developed an explorer in me. As a result, I tried out various well known and not so known restaurants in various places, checked their specialities, the different tastes they offered and above all the varieties in their dishes.
Food indeed is a treasure, especially for people like me.
And I am here to find similar people, get the not so similar people and open this interesting world to them and overall share with one and all my experiences, my feed backs on the food outlets I have tried, my recipes for some easy homemade delicious dishes and make cooking a lot easier for all.
This is all about me and what makes me publish this blog.
Wait for more from me on the same...